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Eyelash Extension Pre-Cut Microfoam Tape - 25 per quantity

Streamline your lash prep process with GladGirl® Pre-Cut Microfoam Tape. This ultra thick foam tape is designed to be used without the need for under eye pads, though a thinner tape like our Paper Adhesive Tape, can be used on top for extra lash security. This hypoallergenic tape can be placed directly on the lower lashes to protect them from excess adhesive as well as keeps the under eye free of any injury associated with your tweezer tips! The writeable surface allows for easy lash mapping and pure comfort.

Pre-cut, in a compact case for protection and easy access, what more could you ask for in an eyelash extension tape - oh yes - no scissors necessary!

If you’re looking for ease, comfort and protection, look no further than GladGirl® Pre-Cut Microfoam Tape. This pre cut tape is a breeze to use, as all you need to do is remove the pair from the protective case, and apply it to your clients lower lash line. This tape is a great go to if your clients have a sensitivity to regular lash pads, as these pre cut tape pads are hypoallergenic. 

This is also a great option if your clients have a sensitivity to touch under their eyes, as the thickness of this tape will help give extra cushion to the under eye, helping erase any discomfort from tweezer tips. As always, be sure to apply these pads over top of the bottom lashes, ensuring full coverage, while not getting too close to the water line. Be sure to check for any lashes sticking to the tape before removal at the end of the service, to ensure the ultimate comfort from start to finish.

How to Use:Eyelash Extension Pre-Cut Microfoam Tape

  1.  With clean and sanitized hands, remove one sheet of pre-cut tape from the protective case and place the pads on your client's lower lash line. 
  2. To ensure no irritation or discomfort, be sure to leave a bit of room between the pad and lower water line. This will help prevent any eye scrapes or bruises from continual pressure from the under eye tape. 
  3. If you have any leftover lower lashes showing, grab a thin tape like GladGirl® Paper Adhesive Tape to help secure all the lashes and help prevent glue from getting on them. 
  4. When finished, ensure no upper lashes are attached to the tape, and slowly remove paying close attention to not pull or tug any upper or lower lashes in the process.