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3M Micropore Paper Adhesive Tape - 2 per Quantity

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Keep even the smallest of lower lashes protected with 3M Micropore Hypoallergenic Paper Adhesive Tape for eyelash extensions. This tape is designed without latex, to help ensure those clients who may have a latex sensitivity are able to use this tape with no discomfort! The material of this paper tape is also ideal for mapping out your lash set by writing directly on the surface for a more organized and streamlined approach.

Reach for this tape when looking to protect those lower lashes from excess adhesive or help calm those fluttering eyes by placing a piece of tape on the upper eyelid. See How to Use.

3M Micropore Hypoallergenic Paper Adhesive Tape is ideal to use in conjunction with eye-pads, on clients who may be a bit more sensitive to latex. This gentle tape helps calm the upper eyelid from fluttering, by placing a small piece on the lid. It can also be used to tape back the top layers of lashes to ensure your lashing even the deepest layer (just be sure to remove excess stick from the tape first, by placing on the back of your hand and removing, to ensure no lashes are tugged or pulled when removing the tape at the end of your set) 


How to Use: 3M Micropore Paper Adhesive Tape

  1. After placing the under-eye pad of your choice, tear away two small pieces of 3M Tape and place on the lower lashes, creating an “x” with two pieces to ensure even the shortest of lashes are protected. 
  2. When your appointment is complete, gently remove tape ensuring you check for any top or bottom lashes that may be stuck to the tape prior to removal.
  3. Toss in the trash and continue to lash the day away.