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Start creating your own unique lash designs with these brilliant lash extension crystals. Each easily portable wheel contains 600 sparking eyelash extension crystals with 12 colors including red, gold, pink, champagne, sienna, silver, light blue, emerald, aqua, diamond, purple and blue with approximately 50 pieces per color.

Use these ultra light 2mm crystals with our GladGirl® Volume Plus Clear Adhesive for single strand lashes on either the lash at the base of the eyelid as an accent or in a row across the lid line. The flat bottom crystals make it easy to also apply them on the middle of the lash for a more dramatic effect.

These multifunctional gems can also be used for nail application! Expand your eyelash extension services with this great dazzling addition to any set of lashes!

Pro Tip

Is your client looking for some bling for a night out, with no commitment? No problem! Swap out your Volume Plus Clear Adhesive for something a bit more temporary like our Lash Lock Latex Free Flash Lash Adhesive! This adhesive will hold those crystals in place, but will remove much easier and allow your client to have the best of both worlds! 

Key Features:

  • Colors include: Red, gold, pink, champagne, sienna, silver, light blue, emerald, aqua, diamond, purple and blue
  • 600 pieces per wheel.

How to Use: Crystals

  • After applying your lash extensions, place these crystals on the lash extensions, steering clear of your clients skin to keep from causing irritation. 
  • These crystals can be placed in a variety of places to give different effects on the eye. For example: If you're looking for some flirty flare, opt to place the crystals on the outer corner lashes to give a dazzling effect when your client blinks. 
  • On the other hand, if your client is looking for dramatic eye catching bling, place the crystals in a line along the base of the lashes for a show stopping liner appearance.