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Titanium Gold Diamond Grip Tweezers for Isolation

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GladGirl® Titanium Gold Diamond Grip Tweezers for Isolation are designed for the art of classic, hybrid, volume and mega-volume eyelash extensions. The lightweight titanium construction with a diamond grip pattern ensures an easy grip, maximum control, and precision and also reduces hand fatigue as the tweezers do not need to be gripped as tightly as standard tweezers.

These gorgeous, gold tweezers are available in four different styles for isolation of natural lashes during application: 5.5" Curved, 5.5" Precision, 4.5" Curved and 5.5" Angular. Optimized for volume lashing, they will also look the part in your tool collection. To shop all 8 tweezers in this range, click here.

For next-level lash application, level up with GladGirl® Titanium Gold Diamond Grip Tweezers.

Titanium Gold Diamond Grip Tweezers options include:

  • 4.33" Doe Foot | 0.55 oz
  • 4.33" Mega Volume Doe Foot | 0.58 oz
  • 4.92" 45 Degree Tip | 0.57 oz
  • 5.50” Curved | 0.71 oz
  • 5.50" Precision | 0.57 oz
  • 5.50" 45 Degree Tip | 0.56 oz
  • 4.50” Curved | 0.49 oz
  • 5.50” Angular | 0.65 oz