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3M Scotch Double Sided Tape

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Never get caught in a “sticky” situation again- with 3M Scotch Double Sided Tape. This multifunctional tape is ideal for taping lash strips to the back of your hand for easy access during your appointments, or helping secure glue trays or cups to your Lash Layout Base to keep them from slipping and sliding. Bonus: Save that hard earned lash cash by receiving 2x more length than most double sided tape rolls!

See How to Use this product.

How to Use: 3M Scotch Double Sided Tape

  1. Start with clean and sanitized hands.
  2. Tear your desired tape length with our easy, no-waste dispenser, and use as desired (we recommend using to tape lashes onto the back of your hand or to secure your glue cups to your Lash Layout Base).
  3. When finished, gently remove from surface and toss in trash