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Why Drink Plain Water When You Can Have Crystal Water?

Drink Crystal Water

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Posted by Amy Lucas on August 22, 2016

Sit in the steam room for 10-15 minutes while guzzling TONS of water... Shower, pat dry, and moisturize, continuing to drink water by the gulp-loads, and I pretty much guarantee that the first person you see, at least if she’s a woman, will comment on how great your skin looks. Water is the wellspring of youth and longevity, and we should all be enjoying it by the gallons – or at least by the liters, each day. The Institute of Medicine cites 91 ounces (that’s 2.7 liters, or a little less than 12 cups) as the recommended daily allowance of water for women. Dr. Oz says that a healthy person need only use her thirst as a guide for how much water to drink, because our kidneys are designed to regulate the balance of water in our bodies. I say, the more water the better!

How Water Woos the Body to Radiance

Water helps your digestive system function smoothly and your circulation flow freely! Every single organ in your body needs water in order to do its job, including your skin. Like every other cell in the body, skin cells are made up of water, and 64% of the skin is water. Unfortunately, the skin is the last organ in the water line, which means if you’re not drinking enough water your skin is parched. It reacts with dryness, flakiness, and inflexibility, making it more vulnerable to wrinkles. There’s not a lot of research out there that definitively proves water imparts a radiant glow to skin, namely because water can’t be patented, and it’s difficult to secure funding for a study on something that doesn’t lead to profits. That doesn’t mean the experts aren’t in favor of water though. Speaking with Women’s Health Magazine, Rachel Nazarian, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist at the Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York City, and an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital, had this to say:
“I’ve found that water makes a big difference in skin health. Without adequate water intake, skin appears duller, and wrinkles and pores more prominent. I’ve even found that my patients tend to complain of more acne lesions when they’re dehydrated. We know that small changes in diet can affect the type of oil and sebum that your skin makes, which we know, in turn, can be associated with an increase in acne formation. Dehydration may work the same way to trigger these changes in the oil glands in the skin.”

Ban the Plastic Bottles and Drink This In

Arsenic, fluoride, aluminum, disinfection by-products, and even runoff from prescription and over-the-counter drugs are all toxins that are lurking in our tap water. But bottled water isn’t the best solution either. Studies reveal that 40% of bottled water is actually tap water! And drinking from plastic is never a good idea, because plastic is made with bisphenol A (BPA), which disrupts hormone function and has been linked to numerous other health issues. Experts recommend investing in a water filter for your kitchen skin (I also use one on my shower head), as the most economical and healthy way to drink water.

It’s Time for the Perfect Bottle

Plastic is out, and glass is in! There are a plethora of ultra chic glass water bottles to invest in, but I’m a fan of multitasking, and by that I mean I want my water’s health benefits to be supercharged… with some crystal magic that is! You may have seen those $100 crystal water bottles for sale. They’re cool, but not worth the hefty price tag when you can make crystal water free at home yourself. All you need to invest in is a glass water bottle (I like to use cobalt blue, and sometimes I’ll put my crystal water in my bkr bottle for my on-the-go needs) and some crystals of your choice.
bkr water bottles bkr bottles, "Always BPA-free, phthalate-free, adorable and addictive"... a perfect choice for crystal water on-the-go.

How Crystal Water Works

The belief is that crystals hold the earth’s history in them… that’s thousands, and sometimes millions, of years of healing vibration and energy. Some crystal lovers believe that crystals can help you manifest your dreams. Whip up some rose quartz crystal water, set it with the intention of finding or amplifying love, and you can potentially draw some romance into your life. But crystals can also help support wellness according to their particular properties, such as promoting healthy skin. From a scientific standpoint, crystal water has some validity backing it. Crystals contain the healing vibration of the earth, and water is influenced by this energy. Scientific experiments abound showing how water is influenced by words and thoughts. Likewise, crystals can transfer their highest vibrations into the water we drink or bathe in. Crystals

How to Make a Crystal Elixir

It’s not as simple as sticking a crystal in some water and chugalugging. Some crystals, such as malachite, should never come in direct contact with the water because they can emit toxic properties. Other crystals, like selenite, are too porous and will dissolve in water. Before you make your crystal elixir, be sure to research the properties of the crystals you want to work with, to protect against any foreseeable toxic effects. I love Judy Hall’s The Crystal Bible and refer to it whether I’m looking for a crystal for my crystal water, or looking for a crystal to enhance my meditation practice. Stones such as rose quartz and amethyst are considered safe to use in water as long as they’ve been thoroughly cleaned of debris! I like to clean my crystals with a little bit of sea salt and water. Step 1: Because crystals possess subtle energies, they are highly influenced by our thoughts and intentions. First, we want to clear our crystals. To do this, you can let them sit in the moonlight (the light of the full moon is best), or you can smudge them with sage, or clear them in ocean or river water, provided they don’t dissolve in water like selenite does. While clearing your crystals, set your intention. Are you looking to draw love, abundance, or peace into your life? Or perhaps it’s as simple as setting your crystals with the intention of rejuvenating your skin with radiance. Step 2: After setting your crystals with an intention, be sure to clean them of any physical debris. Then, fill up a glass water bottle with filtered water. Darker colored bottles will retain the energetic vibrations of the crystal. Place your chosen crystals directly in the water. Step 3: If you’re using the indirect method, or desiring extra safety precautions, surround your glass bottle with your chosen crystals making sure they point towards the water, instead of putting them directly in the water. Alternately, you could place your crystals in a glass jar, and then submerge the jar into a bowl of water. Step 4: Let your crystal water steep in the sun for 4 to 24 hours. Drink your crystal water over the next few days, and then repeat with a new intention!

Best Crystals for Skin Health

For targeted skin health, I sought out the advice of crystal expert Lenise Soren, owner of Sorenity Rocks. If it’s glowing, healthy skin you’re after, Soren recommends any combination of quartz, rose quartz, fluorite, and amethyst. Get creative with a crystal concoction of your choosing, or soak in a relaxing crystal bath! If you are like me and enjoy your water with a little extra magic, which crystals do you like to use? Please share with us in the comments section your crystal water tips, or what you do to make sure you get the best quality water possible.

Amy Lucas

Amy Lucas

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