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What Your Eye Shape Says About You

What Your Eye Shape Says About You

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Posted by GladGirl Team on March 21, 2014

According to science, the shape of your eyes tells a biological story. The larger your eyes, the lower your androgen (male hormone) levels and the higher your estrogen levels. Large eyes are frequently associated with fertility and youth. According to the ancient Chinese art of facial reading, the shape and set of your eyes tells a much more detailed story. Could eye shape hold the key to understanding personality?

Large Eyes

According to ancient face-reading traditions, large eyes speak of an open heart, lively emotional life, reactive tendencies, and vibrant self-expression. People with large eyes tend to be creative, emotional and extroverted. If you want to know what a person with large eyes is thinking, just take a peep at their irises. If the eyes are narrowed, they may be suppressing their emotions…which may not always be a bad thing!

Small Eyes

Small eyes are for the introverted and cautious. People with smaller peepers tend to have a better handle on their emotions and can control their reactions better than those with large eyes. Small eyes indicate a highly intelligent and active mental life. Remember to check out those irises. If the eyes are open wide, the person is more receptive and expressive…a sign that you are breaking through their barriers!

Almond Eyes

Almond-shaped eyes are considered the most proportional, and this balance extends to the emotional life of an almond-eyed beauty as well. If you have almond eyes, chances are you have a good grasp on your emotions. You are open enough to receive, and non-reactive enough to be able to figure out what best to do about it. You are sensitive and warm-hearted…not to mention those almond eyes add an air of attractive mystery!

Round Eyes

Outspoken, social, and emotional exemplifies those gorgeous round eyes. Individuals with round eyes ooze charm and daring, but can also be quite the drama king or queen, and can switch moods like rapid fire.

Rectangular Eyes

Looking for a business partner? Grab someone with rectangular eyes, which profess a keen business acumen. Folks with rectangular eyes are prone to logic. That doesn’t mean they aren’t passionate though! They are loyal, and care a lot about social status and money…beware of the green envy of those rectangular eyes!

Wide-set or Close-set?

People with wide-set eyes are flexible and open minded. They are innovative thinkers who see the big picture rather than zeroing in on the details. Those with close-set eyes, on the other hand, are meticulous with details and can let their narrow-minded tendencies get in the way of seeing a broader perspective. Their analytical gifts and powers of observation, however, come in handy.

What About Eye Slant?

Those famous cat-eyes suggest an optimistic, motivated and curious personality, while a down-turned eye speaks of a kind-hearted individual who may just be prone to pessimism.

Eyelashes Say It All!

Of course the eyes are all wrapped up in the lashes. Tradition says that those with thick, full lashes are more romantic and emotional than those with thinner, sparse lashes. The thinner the lash, the more rational and pragmatic the individual. Fortunately, you can try on different personalities by changing up your Glad Lash eyelash extensions! Try our Artsy-Demi Whispy for a light, natural look…or thicken up your lashes and get your romance on with our extra full Angelina lashes!

GladGirl Team

GladGirl Team

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