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Wednesday Wink – How the Wrong Mascara and Eye Makeup can Affect Lash Extensions

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Posted by Maryann Matykowski on April 24, 2019

When we take on a new lash client, we need to really stress why keeping the extensions clean is so necessary. We are taking our clients out of their comfort zone of mascara, eyeliner, and possibly eye shadow when we have this conversation. This is all new to them and we may need to guide them into a gentle cleansing routine and discuss why we discourage some mascaras and eyeliners not formulated for use with eyelash extensions.

Ingredients in Some Mascaras Can Ruin Lash Extensions

Most traditional mascaras contain ingredients such as a carbon black for the color, polymers to form a film on the lashes, and thickeners such as lanolin, paraffin, castor oil, and carnauba wax. Be very careful, because these ingredients are not compatible with maintaining fresh, full, and fluffy lash extensions. The oils and waxes in these products cause dirt and debris to cling to the lashes and can cause bacteria. These oils and waxes cause the glue to break down quickly with your different types of lashes. [promo_banner For instance, glue breakdown while using bad mascaras can cause volume lashes to close their fans tight, leaving your lashes spikey instead of fluffy. With classic lashes, the glue breaks down and the extensions bunch together at the base. It can look like you didn’t isolate correctly when they return for their fill. My clients said they were faithfully cleaning their lashes, but the results I continued to see told me something else entirely. After having a few conversations about the issues, we discovered that the use of mascara was creating some of the problems of premature lash extension loss and clumps of lashes at the base.

Ingredients in Some Eyeliners Can Ruin Lash Extensions

The other troublesome product for my lash clients is gel eyeliner. The ingredients in the liner when coming in contact with the lash glue can create a kind of cement between the lashes that is difficult and time consuming to remove. It took me a while to figure out why my perfectly isolated lashes were bunched together at the base on a few select clients, but the culprit usually fell to their choice in mascara or eyeliner and their lack of aftercare on their new extensions.

Lengthen the Life of Eyelash Extensions

To give your clients the best lash experience and for great retention, have a conversation with them about the products they use. If you need to recommend a mascara made for the preservation and retention of lash extensions, confidently boast about the Lash En Masse Mascara by GladGirl, formulated specifically for eyelash extensions.
mascara_2 This mascara is specially formulated to be compatible with eyelash extensions so you can lengthen the life of your lash extensions.
You will also want to set your clients up with complete aftercare instructions along with an After Care Kit to help them keep their lovely lashes in tip-top shape. This Glad Lash kit below is a hit with eyelash fanatics seeking an easy and fun solution to their eyelash care routine.
aftercare-kit_revised_with_eyelash_cleansing_brush Keep eyelash extensions clean and free of residue with this After Care Kit by Glad Lash.
Keeping lashes clean and using the correct products is vital to the life of your lashes. If you have any more ideas on how to best care for eyelash extensions after an application, let us know in the comments below!

Maryann Matykowski

Maryann Matykowski

Maryann has an accomplished, 30+ year background in the beauty industry. As a cosmetologist she opened her first salon in ’83. She has specialized as an educator since 2006. Maryann knows what it takes to create successful salon businesses and is here to share her experience with you.

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