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Wednesday Wink – Believe the Hype About Hybrid Lashes!

Hybrid Lashing Hype

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Posted by Maryann Matykowski on January 23, 2019

The questions on everyone's mind these days revolve around getting hybrid lashes. I’m going to explain the details on this newer and very requested set of lash extensions. Hybrid lash extensions can come in a variety of styles and textures. We will go over each in this article!

A Classic Hybrid Set

I’ll start with using .07mm and .15mm mink lashes. The health and strength of the natural lash will determine the ratio of .07mm and .15mm that should be used. For most clients that have what are considered average healthy lashes, we will create a classic look with a bit of fluff on the lash line. This set is more natural and comes with a little pop. I use 3/4 of classic and 1/4 of volume.
Hybrid lash example Hybrid lashes

50/50 Hybrid Set

For a more dramatic hybrid look, I use the flat lashes. These lashes are my base. I apply flat lashes for half of the set and a 2-3D volume to fill in the rest of the set. This gives an eyeliner look and is impressive.

Dramatic Set

For my most dramatic hybrid and strip lash look, I use .07mm volume 3-5D for 5/8 of the set. I then fill in the remainder of the set with .15mm for some soft support.

Textured Styles

Creating texture is a very popular trend now. This texture creates a more unstructured look. This look is fresh and fun – it’s youthful and a little playful, too. Texture creates interest and drama.

Soft Texture Lashes

For a soft textured look, I use four different lengths of classic and two different lengths of volume. I use the volume to break up the structure of the classic lashes.

Dramatic Texture Lashes

For a more dramatic look, I use the opposite application. I use four different lengths of volume and two different lengths of classic. The classic lashes create the spikey look.

Over the Top

For a true show stopper, I use 3/4 volume and 1/4 flat lashes. The flat lashes create the texture in this dramatic set. Keep in mind that this look is best on clients who have a lot of natural, healthy lashes. Get some of the top-rated lashes from Glad Lash and start playing with different styles and textures on yourself or your clients! Let us know what your favorite style is in the comments section below.
Featured Image Credit
A big thank you goes out to Liliana Lopez @alittlelashedup for the main image featuring one of her recent sets of extensions. Go check out her Instagram and show her some love!

Maryann Matykowski

Maryann Matykowski

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