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Wednesday Wink - 3 Tips for a Winning Winter Transition

Wink Winning Winter Beauty Transition

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Posted by Sarah Moore on October 19, 2016

With the season change upon us our skin, lashes and brows may need a little help with the transition. Here are three easy fall/ winter beauty tips for you and your clients to follow:

Schedule a Peel

With the sunshine beating down a little less, it's a great time for major beauty treatments. Turn back time removing fine lines and wrinkles with a skin peel - while you can hide behind a scarf! Make sure to know what your clients have planned for their winter beauty regimen, and how this will affect their eyelash schedule. Of course, some clients like to keep having work done hush hush, though knowing in advance can help you better accommodate their needs. If you're not feeling in need of a major overhaul, any season is a good time to step up your exfoliation game. I'm a big fan of dry brushing for the body. For collarbones and above, I love Kate Somerville's Exfolikate - voted the best exfoliator, six years in a row, by QVC beauty.
exfolikate intensive exfoliating treatment Begin by leaving the treatment on for 30 seconds twice a week before building up to a maximum of 2 minutes twice a week.

Eat 1 Tablespoon of Coconut Oil a Day

That's right, yum! Eat a tablespoon of coconut oil each day. Probably already your favorite external beauty product, coconut oil offers benefits galore! Swallowing extra virgin coconut oil helps your skin, lashes and brows from the inside out. Over time your hair and skin will have a more youthful luster, all while your pH levels are balanced. Coconut oil, when ingested, is known to be a powerful antibiotic and fat burner, which is a great bonus in helping you on your path to a more radiant self! Non GMO coconut oil when possible is best.

Seal the Deal

With winter coming, that means extra makeup for events and holiday parties. To make sure your clients lashes are holding on strong, go for the lash sealer. My plan in early November is to give each of my clients lash sealer as a gift. I would much rather they had it, for the peace of mind knowing that my lash work stays looking beautiful when my clients are away from me. I favor the black Lash Lock serum. What's your preference, black or clear? Let me know your favorite sealer in the comments below.
Lash Lock Black Coating Selant Offered in both clear and black, Lash Lock glides on with glossy ease, enhancing the overall look of the lashes.

Sarah Moore

Sarah Moore

A GladGirl from the start, expert eyelash artist, Sarah Elaine Moore has been bringing GladGirl eyelash extensions into the homes of her premier Hollywood clients for over thirteen years. Sarah attended the Make Up Designory in Burbank CA in 2002, studying Film & Television Makeup. She has also trained with the world-renowned Fletcher Pilates Company, where she spent six years exploring how beauty professionals can prevent injury and increase longevity in their careers. Sarah is currently a Volume Lash Trainer at GladGirl Academy. Her mission through her guest posts on the GladGirl Blog is to make the best better, inspiring confidence and instilling value in eyelash artists and clients.

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