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Think Faux Mink: Choose Synthetic Mink Lashes by GladGirl

Faux Mink Lashes

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Posted by Esther Bolkin on February 24, 2021

In recent years, manmade poly-fiber, faux mink lashes (aka "synthetic mink", or more commonly today, just "mink") have become a welcome addition in eyelash artistry. Designed to mimic the look and feel of real mink fur, the move to faux mink, marks an important evolution in the ongoing pursuit of a more humane and sustainable industry. California set a national precedent by becoming the first state to ban the use of animal fur products. Even though the animal protection bill was just signed into CA state law in 2019, the beauty industry has been making great strides for many years to innovate the standards and practices by which products are developed and made. It’s in that very mindful spirit that here at GladGirl we've developed a diverse selection of faux mink individual eyelash extensions and strips in a variety of styles, curls, lengths, and diameters.

Faux Mink vs. Real Mink Performance?

Synthetic minks are versatile and provide that lovely, natural impact so many of our clients desire. Also, unlike their real counterpart, the faux lash offers a permanent curl, glossy texture and doesn’t flatten when wet. Because of these benefits, the lashes don’t require any kind of daily styling. Synthetic lashes stand on their very own and literally don’t need to be touched after application (except for cleaning of course), therefore their staying power is in fact longer. Whether false lashes or extensions, the faux minks live up to their reputation, outperforming on every front. And that is as real as gets for any GladGirl product, performance! With their natural look and feel, easy aftercare, and versatility, it’s no wonder they remain the top choice and go-to for those with thin or sparse lash lines as well as those lash lovers who want the wear their look, not have their look wear them.
Synthetic Mink Lashes by GladGirl Our award-winning, handmade, Signature Mink Lashes, PETA approved and cruelty free, with curl length and thickness options for every style of lashing.

Mink Lashes by GladGirl

Long before any state law, GladGirl has proudly been at the fore of offering cruelty-free, synthetic mink lashes. We offer an awesome selection of Individual Mink Lashes and all of our mink lashes are PETA Animal Global Test Policy approved and vegan! You can choose GladGirl lashes, confident in the knowledge that quality, transparency and mindful practices are included with every purchase.

Esther Bolkin

Esther Bolkin

Esther Bolkin, Glad Lash founder, is a veteran of the beauty industry with over 30 years of professional experience in skincare, makeup, and the application of eyelash extensions. She holds both her aesthetician and cosmetology licenses and sits on the Editorial Advisory Board at Eye-Lash Magazine. Esther now focusses on new product development and is heavily involved in the training of a new generation of lash professionals through Glad Lash Academy. Enjoy what she has to say here on the blog.

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