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Posted by GladGirl Team on March 30, 2023

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The Professional Lash & Brow Artists Industry Survey results are in! In 2022 we conducted an international survey focused specifically on professional eyelash and brow technicians, with a mission to understand and improve our industry. Lash & Brow Artists were surveyed with a reach across the globe, and all the stats are in to give you a bird’s eye view of this beautiful lash life. We'd like to thank our sponsor  Glamcor

GladGirl Lash and Brow Artist Industry Survey 2022 Infographic

Here’s how it breaks down, of the 368 responses received, 33% were independent contractors, 58% were Lash and Brow salon or spa owners, and 22% were salon employees.

An astounding 99% of participants identified as female, with 35% being between the ages of 25 and 35. The studied showed 20% of the participants were between the age of 18 and 24, with 42% being between the ages of 36 and 62.

Of the artists surveyed 77% said they were satisfied or very satisfied with their careers. The remaining 23% reported being unsatisfied with the current state of their career.

An Industry Growing in Value

While finding an eyelash or brow expert may have been harder in the past, the tides have clearly turned with 38% of professionals now reaching 5 years of experience. With 33% having now been in practice for 6 to 15 years, and 14% being in practice for over 15 years. Newly joining the ranks with under 12 months of experience was 15% of the participants surveyed. Many have sailed past the 10,000 hours of practice that studies show to make an expert.

 Professional Lash and Brow Artists Industry Survey Investment Infographic

Also supporting expert growth, 79% have invested in continued education to advance or attain new skills. 44% noted they have taken an advanced class within the last six months. For the saged lash & brow professional or someone on day one, the predominant vibe is a higher barre to be proud of. These factors are contributing to the rise in service reputation, quality, and opportunity for innovation. 

The Contrast

The number one challenge surveyed was building and maintaining clientele. The second most reported challenge was marketing and promotion. Let's take a look at where lash and brow artists are investing their time and resources when it comes to marketing.

With the highest marks, 82% of artists reported relying on word of mouth to generate business. While 78% reported using social media to generate business. Of the social media users, 32% posted content more than once a day. The content posted was 97% before and after photos, 62% video content, and 58% word or quote posts. Only 16% of Lash and Brow artists were posting tutorials, with a very small margin of 5% reporting they were creating content on YouTube.

The lowest reported resource was the use of good old-fashioned phone calls and emails, which can be regarded as the most intimate relationship-building tools to do business. For lash and brow artists looking to allocate marketing dollars 17% invested in google search putting their business front and center in the search engine.

 Lash and Brow Artists Survey 2022 - Retailing Products Infographic

Creating Value in Retail

For the lash and brow industry survey, 50% of the participants reported selling retail. With 54% claiming retail was only 10% of their income. Regardless, in the study, there is a link between income and retailing with products. Those with lower annual gross income also retailed lash and brow products less often. With the rise of the salon suite and business owners finding it hard to team build there is a not-so-hidden solution. Integration of products could lead to a gold mine of retail opportunities awaiting lash and brow artists. 

Insured and Certified

Staying covered by insurance as an artist can create real ease in the process and the ability to expand horizons. Out of the independent contractors and employees surveyed 70% reported owning professional liability insurance. This reflects both Lash and Brow artists taking their careers seriously and playing it safe.

Lash and brow artists are also staying focused on their careers by staying state-board certified. Of the artists surveyed 71% were state board certified, 54% were estheticians, 38% were cosmetologists and 8% were certified in both. With 29% of the artist reporting they were not a cosmetologist or an esthetician.

There was a correlation in the artists that were double certified, 88% of artists reported being significantly happier with their careers. A testament to getting certified, having even one license dramatically increased artist satisfaction.

Trends as Ever-Expanding Opportunity

With a myriad of services to provide, the trend of natural beauty seems to be prevailing in services accounted for. Notably, 91% of artists report their main service income is from classic- single-strand lash extensions, with 54% providing LashLifts. Just down from the classic look, 83% provide volume lashes. Mega volume lash extensions were 56% of services provided, while premade fans made up 47%.

We all love our brows for natural beauty too, 50% of artists reported providing eyebrow tinting and shaping services. Eyebrow lamination is also on the rise, at 34% of services, with microblading at 12%. Of other natural beauty services facials accounted for 31% of services provided, new innovations like light therapy came in at 21%.

These stats also reflect the predicted trends where participants reported the #1 predicted trend was a natural look. Artists are noticing client desires are moving away from the dramatized lash look. Clients are also wanting a bit of self expression, with music festivals and events back in swing, the #2 most predicted trend was colored lashes and avant garde lashes.

Lighting the way forward

Overall optimism was due to the fact that many more people are returning and willing to spend on themselves once more. Lash and brow professionals are feeling more valued by clients who now appreciate their services, having gone without them for so long. With weddings and special events back in full swing, clients have a -can’t do it a home attitude- happy to return to beloved lash and brow artists.

The future is bright, and lash and brow artist quality is high. Together we are rising to never seen before heights. With the lash and brow industry currently valued at 1.62 billion and growing. Thank you for participating in our survey and taking the time to dive into the stats. There is every reason to have big dreams moving forward. If you found this helpful, please share and subscribe!  

GladGirl Team

GladGirl Team

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srishti sinha
srishti sinha

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