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Summer 2013 Makeup Trends

Summer 2013 Makeup Trends

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Posted by GladGirl Team on June 29, 2013

Set off your eyelash extensions with summer’s hottest hues! From bold neons to pale pinks, summer 2013 makeup trends are all about play and daring. How will you break your makeup mold?

Pair Neons with Neutrals

There’s no being shy this summer. Hot pink lips and fuchsia cheeks dazzled the runways, and the look is taking over the streets as well. When offset by neutral eyes, hot pinks lips have a wow factor without a trace of gaudiness. Cheeks blushed fuchsia play well with nude lips and black lash extensions. Just a light sprinkling on the apple of the cheeks will do. Mint green is a featured neon this summer. Open up any fashion magazine and you’ll notice a fine line of mint eyeliner coloring the models’ lower lashes. Mint brightens your eyes and makes your complexion sparkle when paired with minimal makeup on the lips and cheeks. If you go for the neon, keep nails a neutral shade…adding a smidge of metallic or brushed gold is perfectly acceptable.

Get Outrageous with Orange

‘Tis the season of orange…not red! If you’re feeling really outrageous, you’ll take advantage of bold orange nails and matte orange lips while the trend is hot. Darker skins can handle true oranges, but lighter skin gals might want to shift to a lighter tangerine or coral lip gloss.

Accent with Aquatic Blues

Accent your eyelash extensions with summer’s favorite blues—cobalt and teal. You can line just underneath the bottom lash, or shadow the upper lid with a pop of color. To deepen the pigment, apply with a wet eyeliner brush.

Embrace the Metal

Smoky silver and metallic gold shadows harken back to grunge circa 1993. Coat your entire lids with silky silvers and brushed golds, being sure to fan outwards into a wing shape. Top it off with some smudged black liner and you have a sexy, nighttime look.

Pucker Up with Purple

Metallic violets are stealing the show as the go-to summer color for eye shadows, but purple isn’t content to stay on your lids. Lavender glosses are making an appearance this summer. Not the frosty pigments of the eighties, but classy soft violets that can easily replace your traditional pinks. The blue undertones brighten dull complexions, and what better season to play with purple than the summer?

Get Nude with Pale Pinks

Nude never goes out of style, and this summer the most popular nude hue is pink. Forego the beige for pale pink lips and soft pastel-colored cheeks. Whether it’s lips, eyes or nails, at least one feature should remain nude at all times. Finish with eyelash extensions and you’re ready for the catwalk…or at least some more fun in the sun!

GladGirl Team

GladGirl Team

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