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Spring Beauty Trends 2016 - With Lash Recommendations

Spring Beauty 2016 Featured

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Posted by Amy Lucas on March 18, 2016

The mercury is rising, the ice has thawed, it can only mean one thing... spring is here (if you live in the Northern Hemisphere that is). So it’s time to get your spring looks ready! We’re taking our cues straight off the runways of New York Fashion Week, which took place just last month. Us Glad Lash gals have reason to celebrate, because we’re seeing the return of lashes…like big time, bold lashes…as the no-makeup look makes way for bold, vibrant, playful pizazz.

Blasts of Blue

If there’s one color to add to your beauty bag this season, it’s blue. The exact hue is up to you. The runways featured heavy lines of electric blue, barely there hints of powder blue, splashes of cobalt blue, and full-on blue bandit eyes! I’d personally save that look for a party that calls for a dramatic flair, but you might be bolder than me!

Shimmers of Sparkle

Spring is the season of awakening—of play and parties and bliss—and beauty experts are celebrating its arrival with sassy sparkle. So go for the glitter anyway you’d like. Add glitter, jewels or even pearl-like enhancements, to accent your lids and lashes. Sprinkle some fairy dust on those brows and cheekbones! Of course, glitter can get messy, so Glad Lash has you covered with their premium glitter lashes. They come in gold, multi, and silver (my favorite!).
Glitter Lashes Multi colored glitter lashes from Glad Lash.

Lots of Lip

Let’s welcome back audacious lips. This spring is all about color that pops with statement. Harpers Bazaar names “Snow White Apple Red” the color of this season’s red. You can never go wrong with a candy apple shade in your repertoire. But the sky’s the limit with lips this spring. You can go for the bold with palettes of crimson or brick red, or mix it up with bright oranges and pinks. If you’re more of a goth girl then you might love the featured shade on Miu Miu models this season. Not just an oxblood, but a two-toned blue and berry shade…very vampire-esque. You pick the finish…gloss, satin, matte—lady’s choice!

Heaps of Hair

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to styling your hair this spring. Because I live in the temperate climate of Los Angeles, I’ll be going for the unique, tussled up-dos and braided plaits, a popular look across many of the major fashion houses. Just slick your hair back into a ponytail, either at the nape of your neck or up high. You can keep it simple with a two-strand twist, or braid it in a more traditional three-plaited twist. Hair accessories—from elaborate clips to simple black hairbands—are huge this season, so rather than using a ponytail holder to secure your braid, jazz it up with a ribbon tied around the ends. Last season showed a love for bedhead and all manes messy. This season is pulling back the reins with glossy, straightened, silky hair, or lightly tousled curls. Styling cream and hairspray are your friends this spring!

Globs of Gloss

Okay, not globs, but the glossy, dewy look is definitely preferred to a matte finish. Francois Nars of Marc Jacobs’ East Village Muse shared his secrets with Elle magazine. He left off the foundation (if your skin isn’t as flawless as the models join the club and use a tinted moisturizer or bb cream to even out skin tone). Then, he added a sheer layer of Vaseline under the eyes and on the cheekbones and eyelids to create the glossy effect. While the no-makeup look is out, the naturally tanned, luminous look is way in. To achieve a sun-kissed glossy sheen mix together an illuminating or highlighting cream with a bronzer.

Loads of Lashes

Oh how we’ve missed seeing long, full, out-of-this-world lashes on the runway. This spring, break out the mascara and your eyelash extensions, because if ever there were a season for some lash creativity, this is it!

Our Glad Lash Suggestions for Spring 2016 Lash Trends

Swarovski Crystal Lashes

Swarvoski Crystal Lashes Swarovski Crystal Lashes — to celebrate spring sparkle

Vibrant Color Individual Lashes

Vibrant Color Individual Lashes Vibrant Color Individual Lashes — a great way to subtly…or not so subtly…add in this season’s blue craze

Eyelash Extension Kit

Eyelash Extension Kit Eyelash Extension Kit — a must-have if you’re brand new to lash extensions
Don’t be shy. Explore the Glad Lash website for the perfect lash extension option for you. And don’t forget to top off your trendy new spring look with some eye-catching and conversation-starting nails. This season is all about the French manicure, but not just the traditional, white-tipped kind. Paint those tips maroon, neon green or blue, and get funky with chevron nail tips. Before I sign off, I’d like to give a nod to spring’s go-to colors, pink and peach. Yes, refill your lipsticks, glosses and blushes, because these spring staples are here to stay, but this season takes it up a notch with pink and peach-hued lids. If pink eyelids make you look like you have pinkeye—I’m pretty sure that’s the effect they have on me—try out a soft orange shade to complement your pretty-in-peach canvas. Happy spring, Glad Lash gal. Share a photo of your favorite spring look in the comment section. We’d love to see! (And by that I mean love to copy!)

Amy Lucas

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