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Q&A With the GladGirl Northridge Team: Crystal

Crystal - GladGirl Northridge

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Posted by GladGirl Team on September 24, 2019

At GladGirl, we don't just lash our customers, we love them. We also love giving expert advice whenever you need it! In our final feature post we Q&A with Crystal.

1. What’s your favorite Glad Lash/GladGirl product, and why?

My favorite Glad Lash product is our Signature Mink D curl .05 lashes. They're so easy to work with and they fan out so effortlessly. I love a dark and fluffy lash!
Signature Mink Loved by customers, these award winning lashes are also available in 0.03mm thickness for mega volume lashing!

2. What’s one of the top asked questions by Glad Lash customers?

Our customers are always asking what is the best glue? The answer really depends on what your needs are, there is an adhesive for everyone. Personally, my favorite glue is the Volume Plus adhesive.

3. What’s your favorite lash extension, eye makeup or industry tip?

The taping method is very crucial! It definitely helps get every lash and especially those stubborn inner corner lashes. It's a game changer along with using our Nexcare tape.

4. What’s the most sought after item by Glad Lash customers?

Rapid Lashes are very popular at the moment, anything to speed up a volume set and get your client in and out in a timely manner.
Rapid Fan Lashes These are individual single strand lashes with the slightest amount of temporary adhesive applied to the lashes to keep them fixed to the tray. GAME CHANGER!

5. What’s your favorite thing to do to unwind from your day, or have fun?

I enjoy going to the gym or just going to the mall to unwind from a busy day. I also have a passion for makeup. If i'm not purchasing new lashes and tweezers, then I'm definitely picking up some new makeup products.

6. What’s the best part of lashing?

The best part of lashing is the outcome and my clients reaction. I love making them feel great and also love perfecting my skill of lashing. It's a win-win situation.

GladGirl Team

GladGirl Team

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