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Pinhole Glasses—Every Girl Should Have a Pair!

Pinhole Glasses—Every Girl Should Have a Pair!

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Posted by GladGirl Team on August 30, 2014

We don’t just care about the aesthetics of your eyelashes, we care about the health of your eyes and your vision, especially if your lashes are hiding behind prescription glasses for near and farsightedness. That’s why we thought we’d tell you about pinhole glasses, which have been shown to help improve vision problems. There’s even some cute and inexpensive pinhole glasses to choose from these days, so you can correct your vision in style!

The Downside to Prescription Glasses

Prescription glasses are a godsend for those with less than perfect 20/20 vision, but although they correct your vision in the short term, they actually do more damage in the long run. Prescription glasses focus your eyes for you instead of teaching your eyes to focus on their own. According to the experts, nearsightedness is made worse by the use of concave prescription lenses. In fact, studies indicate that after just half an hour of wearing concave lenses, a child’s eyesight is dramatically weaker once the glasses are removed! Long-term prescription wear has been called out for permanently damaging eyes, even causing serious complications like detached retina. We’re not suggesting you ditch your prescription eyeglasses cold turkey…especially if you’re operating heavy machinery, like a car! But how about adding pinhole glasses to the mix to see if you can possibly treat your weakened eyesight, rather than just masking it with lenses? Pinhole glasses train your eyes to focus for themselves, thereby strengthening eyesight with consistent use. You don’t need a prescription, and the same pair of pinholes works no matter your vision problem.

Add Some 50's Flare to Your Eye-wear!

Pinhole glasses were introduced in the 50's, and have improved dramatically since. They are made from plastic or metal, and dotted with tiny pinholes measuring 0.9 to 1.2 mm in diameter and spaced horizontally and vertically 3 mm apart. Vision is blurry if your eyes aren't able to focus incoming light rays onto a tiny point on your retina (the rays instead hit either in front or behind the retina, thus blurring vision). Pinhole glasses direct the light rays to the center of your pupil, thereby strengthening your eyes and helping to repair vision disorders—from near and farsightedness, to cataracts and astigmatism. Rather than refocusing the eye (as prescription glasses do), pinhole glasses lessen the size of the blurred circles so that your eyesight gradually corrects. Even ophthalmologists use pinhole glasses to diagnose refractive disorders during eye exams! And you don’t need to suffer from vision loss to benefit from pinhole glasses. They make great sunglasses, and when worn for just 10 minutes a day can help you maintain your perfect 20/20 vision throughout your life. So get a little funky and help boost a pinhole glasses trend! At least for those moments when you’re not showing off your eyelash extensions.

GladGirl Team

GladGirl Team

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