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New Year Wellness Techniques

New Year's Welnness

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Posted by GladGirl Team on December 28, 2015

The start of the New Year is always fresh and exciting. This year will be different, we say. This year, I will finally . We make one or more resolutions and stick with them, for a few weeks, or months if we’re more diligent, but as the days wear on and the New Year looses its shininess we’re in danger of once again getting stuck in a rut. So we thought we’d offer up some suggestions for starting the New Year right, so that when we hit a dull spot…and we will…we have the tools to make the world a little bit more sparkly.

Keep an Appreciation Vase

Pick out a pretty vase for the express purpose of letting the good things in your life bloom. So, when something good happens—you get a promotion at work, the hottie you’ve been eyeing asks you on a date, the barista at your local coffee shop tells you she loves your Glad Lash extensions—write it down on a slip of paper and deposit it in your appreciation vase. This way, in woe-is-me moments when melancholy sets in, you can dig out some of those good things and remember that your life is full of great moments, little and big, and that this, too, shall pass. An appreciation vase is also a fun way to reflect on the year when 2017 rolls around. And hey, share some of your great moments in the comments below!

Start a Meditation Practice

Meditation is the bomb. It can actually rewire your brain! It’s been proven to reduce stress, enhance creativity, alleviate pain, and certainly help us manage our emotions in a non-reactive, healthy manner. Just sit comfortably and breathe for a while. Focus on your breath, or chant, or repeat a mantra out loud or silently, so that your mind can take a well-deserved time out. Start with 5 minutes a day, and then increase to 10, and then 20. Meditation is easy to start when you’re feeling positive and dedicated to wellness, but it’s those moments when you’re feeling ick that you need it the most. So cultivate this centering practice, and even when you don’t feel like sitting still and meditating, DO IT! You will feel better, and those moments of self-care will recharge your body and mind, just like it’s a new year again.

Do Nothing

Seriously. Do nothing. It’s okay to take a break. To relax in a bath. To watch a rom-com. To read a book or flip mindlessly through a magazine. To stare at the walls. When you’re in a funk, just let yourself be in a funk. Funks don’t last forever, so just let it be.

Spend Money

Retail therapy works. Maybe it’s time to treat yourself to some new makeup or that jewelry you’ve been eyeing. As long as you spend responsibly and have the budget for it, why not indulge? It’ll make you happy, at least for a while. And so will giving to others. Donate or volunteer your time. That way you’re taking the focus off yourself—and if you’re feeling miserable you probably need some time away from yourself—and onto others in need. And it’s been proven that giving to others makes us happy. ​

Seek Adventure

After you’re done doing nothing and flexing your generosity muscles, do something spontaneous and adventurous. Get outside in nature and climb a mountain. Take a daytrip to a town nearby you’ve been meaning to visit, take an art class. Whatever you choose, it’s time to cross something off your bucket list. And bookmark this page so you can revisit these suggestions once the New Year starts to loose its shiny appeal. Happy New Year, and be safe and spectacular!

GladGirl Team

GladGirl Team

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