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Move, Lash, BE Better - Avoid Fatigue and Lash Better With These 5 Minute Exercise Routines

Move, Lash, BE Better - Exercises to Avoid Fatigue

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Posted by Sarah Moore on June 06, 2017

Hey Glad Lash peeps! Have you got three to five minutes spare to focus on yourself? I have two different under-five-minute routinesfor you to experiment with, at home or even at work! The specific moves selected will help you to stay open in your eyelashing posture, and fight fatigue. They're easy to fit into your day, or when you have a few moments between clients! Gliding through both practices is a great way to begin or end your day when you have ten minutes to commit. Make sure - with all movements - you are taking quality breaths, inhaling and exhaling deeply so that your body gets the most out of each moment.

Foot Rolling

Let's start from your feet, and work our way up. It's essential to have proper weight distribution and balance in your feet while sitting and walking, and it's the key to keeping your ankles, knees, and hips in alignment. If you only choose one movement from this post, do this one! Doing this movement daily is a potential life-changer that could prevent the need for knee and hip replacements in your future. It's not just for an eyelash artist, you're gonna want to share this movement - to promote healthy foot and ankle stability - with the whole family!

What You Will Need

  • A tennis ball, or
  • A golf ball (more advanced/ more intense)

The Set Up

Start by standing upright. If you need extra balance to remain this way, grab a tall chair or stand by a high counter top. Keep a micro-bend in your knees, to be sure you are not locked in the knee joints. Place the ball under the heel of your right foot. Please keep in mind that I have provided the gif for illustration only... The movement you're looking to achieve is much slower than the gif. Foot Rolling Exercise Demonstration

Rolling Down Center Line

  1. Take an inhalation, and exhale relaxing your weight into the ball. Imagine your foot is clay - this will help your foot mold around the ball as you breathe and relax.
  2. As slowly as possible, roll the ball down the center of the foot, stopping and breathing anywhere tender.
  3. Bring the ball all the way through the arch of your foot - to the joint just behind your toes. These joints are called the metatarsals of your foot. Your flippers! :)
  4. Wrap your toes around the ball, while rolling the ball from right to left along the metatarsals.
  5. Return to the center of the metatarsals, pause here to breathe as you continue to drop your weight into the ball, while dropping your heel - creating a full arch shape with your foot over the ball. Breathe.
  6. Release, and return the ball to directly under your heel bone.

Rolling Exterior Line

  1. Roll the ball slightly to the outside of your heel bone. Breathe to sink into the ball.
  2. Slowly, stopping to pause where tender, roll the ball to the metatarsal just behind your pinkie toe. Breathe…
  3. Roll the ball from left to right, across the metatarsal bones.
  4. Remove, and return the ball back to directly under your heel bone.

Rolling Interior Line

  1. Roll the ball slightly to the inside of your heel bone this time. Take a breath to sink into the ball.
  2. Roll the ball through the arch of the foot, stopping to breathe when you find a tender spot.
  3. Bring the ball to the metatarsal joint directly behind your big toe joint. Breathe here, sink into the ball.
  4. Reach your toes around the ball, while dropping your heel energy so that now your foot is completely arched around the ball. Let your foot cramp if it needs to... Breathe.
  5. Release the ball.
Take a small walk around, and enjoy a few steps, noticing the difference from left to right. Repeat on the left foot. After completing both feet, take a walk around again, and feel the balance you have just created :) It doesn’t hurt to grab some extra hydration after this one. Upping your water intake will assist with lymphatic drainage in your body to flush out any toxins released, while creating space. Friendly reminder: check the alkaline in your water, and avoid drinking out of plastic bottles - otherwise your water drinking effort could be counterproductive to cleansing the body.

Strengthening Your Booty!

In my last installment, I mentioned the importance of having strong glutes to keep the hips and lower back healthy. These two movements are a great addition to tone up your backside, with just 20 reps each day needed - per leg. ;) A little burning of the booty is a great way to create circulation that could result in a midday energy boost! 20 reps is enough to make a difference. If you wish to add in an extra challenge, repeat each movement until your outer/ upper thigh begins to burn - then do 12 more!

The Set Up

  1. Find a place to lay down, this can be done on your workstation table where your clients lay if you don't have the floor space.
  2. Lay on your side, with your knees bent in a 90 degree angle. Your knees should be straight in front of your hips.
  3. The most important part of doing the following movements is keeping your waist long.Accomplish this by keeping a space between your waistline and the floor/ table below you. Do not let this space change shape as you go through the movements.
Correct position demenstration Incorrect Position - Curved

Hydrant Lift

Hydrant Lift Exercise Demonstration Flex both feet, and lead the movement from your hip. Inhale, to lift the entire top leg evenly through space without the leg changing shape. Exhale, and resist as you place your leg back down. Imagine the air is thick like jello, continue to resist in both directions... Inhaling to lift, exhaling to press closed.

Diamond Opener

Diamond Opener Exercise Deomstration Point your ankles and toes. INHALE. Keeping your toes glued together, peel your knees apart - opening up your legs into a diamond shape. EXHALE, and squeeze the air as you resist - closing your knees to return back together. Again, imagining the air as your favorite flavor of jello... Resist as you move through the space. For each repetition, challenge how far you can open up, without losing the space you created under your waist. After completing these, you may want to use your fists to pound out any cramping or burning in your hip area. Don't worry, feeling the burn or a cramp can be expected! Breathe… The Artist Directory - Join the only business directory dedicated to lash and brow artists

Until Next Time...

That's it for now, coming up next we move up the body to the thoracic spine, shoulders, and neck openers! Let me know how your body is feeling, let's have a chat in the comments below. Thank you for being on this wellness ride with me. :)

Sarah Moore

Sarah Moore

A GladGirl from the start, expert eyelash artist, Sarah Elaine Moore has been bringing GladGirl eyelash extensions into the homes of her premier Hollywood clients for over thirteen years. Sarah attended the Make Up Designory in Burbank CA in 2002, studying Film & Television Makeup. She has also trained with the world-renowned Fletcher Pilates Company, where she spent six years exploring how beauty professionals can prevent injury and increase longevity in their careers. Sarah is currently a Volume Lash Trainer at GladGirl Academy. Her mission through her guest posts on the GladGirl Blog is to make the best better, inspiring confidence and instilling value in eyelash artists and clients.

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