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Make It Up Monday - Makeup Storage Hacks for Maximum Organization

Makeup Storage

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Posted by Heather Coopersmith on October 24, 2016

This blog post was totally inspired by: 'I just moved' and let's organize!!’

I am a self-proclaimed makeup addict who is also a makeup artist! This means that I not only am always looking for what’s new and on trend but I usually end up purchasing some of it to try determine if it's worth all the hype. So, my collection of makeup is ridiculous to say the least! Places like ULTA, SEPHORA, NAIMIES, FRENDS and NIGELS are basically my nirvana.

I acquire so much that I am forced to come up with some creative ways to store my makeup stashes. I feel like clutter is such a real thing in my life that every time I hunker down to make stuff disappear, throw away crap or just get organized ...my life, my energy and my work flow in SOOOO much better. I have a son so this has its challenges too but I feel damn good when everything is in its place, it brings me peace! Here are a couple of easy ways to help you achieve storage salvation.

My Favorite Hacks

Hanging Storage First off, you know the jewelry hanging organizers at, Bed Bath Beyond, Marshalls, TJ Max or basically anywhere? Well, those have come in handy to house my obsessions. And you are welcome. LOL!!! Yes, I know I have a problem. Shhhh...don't tell anyone.
Ikea Storage For Makeup You can use inexpensive items from IKEA to help organize your makeup brushes or hold other beauty products like this one seen here… Thank you @iampriscillale for the pic.
bead organizer for makeup storage Bead organizers are great to store your Eyeshadow pots or loose powders in a visible and neatly arranged way.
Ice Cube Tray For Makeup You can also use ice cube trays to lay out your blush pots, eyeshadows etc. as well as place them in a drawer to alleviate clutter. Brilliant!
Toolbox for Makeup Storage I've seen people use roll away, multi drawer organizers usually used for tool storage in the garage to house makeup! But of course in a much cuter color. :)
Mail Organizer And lastly, try a mail organizer, the perfect solution to store makeup palettes.

These are easy and inexpensive ways to keep your makeup area or bathroom from exploding with product and clutter. Simplicity is best and if you use any of the above as makeup storage, I applaud you and your motivation!! If you have been introduced to something new to utilize at home to help center the 'makeup beast' that is you...well, then I am excited for you and the new space that you will create in your abode and in your soul!! Here's to being centered and energy efficient and makeup mayhem free!

Heather Coopersmith

Heather Coopersmith

With almost two decades as a professional makeup artist working on film projects, tv shows, photo shoots and weddings, LA based Heather Coopersmith brings some serious skills and knowledge to the Glad Lash Blog with her guest posts. Heather sees her art (and her hair!) as a creative outlet, and says "My world is a visual experience and I want to make you a part of it!" We're super excited to have Heather brightening up our world. You can reach out to Heather on Instagram @makeupthebride

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