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Holiday Beauty Trends 2014

Holiday Beauty Trends 2014

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Posted by GladGirl Team on December 06, 2014

The winter holidays are a time to flaunt your unique style…to push beyond your beauty boundaries…and to razzle dazzle with a little bit more flair. Red lips are always acceptable at this time of year, as are sequined dresses and discretions under the mistletoe. But winter 2014 has a couple of quality trends to exploit—we love the emphasis on extra long lashes, gilded smoky eyes and side-swept holiday hairdos.

It’s All About the Eyes

Bring out the doll in you with extra long eyelash extensions, which popped up on the Rochas and Gucci catwalks this season. We recommend celebrating the holidays with Glad Lash Demi Whispy or Top Model (Long) or for those with more time on their hands get the relaxing single strand eyelash extension application treatment using C and D curl and .15 thickness by 9mm through 15mm lengths. The smoky eye makes an appearance this winter, but with a shimmery twist. Instead of overwhelming the eye with dark tones, create the smudge-like effect with sparkling browns, taupes and golds. Speaking of sparkle…bold blues are still going strong. But don’t stay matte and muted for the holidays. Add a topping of glitter over your blue. (Put a small dab of Vaseline on first so the glitter has something to stick to.) Surround your eyes with a winter wonderland by busting out your highlighter and illuminating with wintry wisps of white.

Let’s Talk Lips

The focus is all on the eyes, so consider keeping lips lightly kissed with color for winter 2014. Be it red or berry, opt for a light shimmery gloss over muted liners. And don’t be stingy with that gold. Apply some 24-karat love to your lips with a layer of translucent gold…. perfect under soft low lights! Shake things up with nude nails (we know it’s hard to let that red go). A shimmery topaz brown will stand out and fit in well with the holiday 2014 theme.

Holiday Hair

Tousled waves, ballerina buns and sleek ponytails all have a place this season, but we particularly love the trend toward side-swept hair. Side parts—and we’re talking way over to the side—are showing up all over the red carpet. Whether you’re rockin’ the side-swept long waves or the loose side-swept chignon, you’re guaranteed to stand out as a holiday inspiration! So start stocking up on holiday makeup, clothes and accessories, and keep in mind—all that shimmers is gold!

GladGirl Team

GladGirl Team

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