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GladGirl Lash Lock Strip Lash Glue

GladGirl Lash Lock False and Flare Lash Glue

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Posted by GladGirl Team on May 01, 2014

As a professional makeup artist, you want to find products you can rely on and have great results with time and time again....right?!! GladGirl's Lash Lock False and Flare Lash Glue which comes in Clear and Black and is made for strip and flare lashes gets a 5 wink vote from me! The color, elasticity, adhesion and cost is crazy fabulous. I have used this eyelash glue for my bridal clients as well as for my TV/Film clients with high expectations, and without fail, all have been thrilled with the results. I would recommend it highly. Thanks! Heather Coopersmith of Makeup the Bride and For Reel Makeup.

GladGirl Team

GladGirl Team

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