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Wink, Wink and Away We Go, Glad Lash Helps Estheticians Take Flight

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Posted by GladGirl Team on May 14, 2013

Mining the needs of the eyelash extension industry, Glad Lash relaunches a sleek,enhanced website that offers beauty professionals savvy business tools, marketing strategies, customer conveniences and new cutting-edge products. We have takeoff! Lauded as a pioneer in the eyelash extension industry for more than three decades, Glad Lash keeps in stride with technology advancements, beauty product breakthroughs, and the ever-changing needs of beauty professionals and their clientele through the launch of their new website, GladGirl

Glad Lash’s website aims to provide estheticians with optimal business tools that will not only increase productivity and customer care but also bring new clients to their doorstep.Glad Lash maintains its reputation with beauty professionals as an exclusive one-stop shop for superior quality lashes, adhesives, application tools and aftercare products at very competitive wholesale prices. The sleek new website focuses on functionality,form, efficiency and convenience, with added features such as on-the-go mobile phone purchases for fast needs, a shopping cart to hold and review orders, and streamlined,easy-to- find product pages.

Glad Lash Founder, Esther Bolkin, who’s worked as an esthetician for 25 years, knows what it takes to meet the demands of a clientele and successfully run a business. Bolkin says, “The added conveniences and features on the website offer solutions to the very same challenges I’ve faced as a beauty provider over the years.” The result: Glad Lash technicians are better able to save time, serve clients and drive more business.Another business advantage is the Glad Lash tech directory that allows estheticians to market their businesses directly to beauty clientele and provides an easy navigational map to help get them there. Even more, the website boasts an enhanced marketing category with beautifully designed Glad Lash promotional tools including, posters, window displays and branded appointment cards.

Also, with a lively presence on Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube, Glad Lash is part of the social media conversation -- offering daily shout-outs, praises and instructional videos to Glad Lash techs and clientele all across the country. The opportunities for growth and customer care are endless. Bolkin says, “The heart of our company’s vision is to meet the needs of our clientele with excellence, expertise and a product line of superior quality and value.” To that end, Glad Lash’s beauty products are constantly evolving. The newest products to hit the shelves are considered the holy grail of healthy, long-lasting lashes -- the glue that holds it all together. The 5 Star Pro –

Sensitive and the 5Star Pro

– XL are quick-drying adhesives, made in the USA, that will bond lashes with superior strength through the natural life cycle of the client’s real lash. The Sensitive formula is a fume-free, no-odor glue that offers the perfect remedy to the most highly sensitive eyes. It’s also excellent for lower lash application as well.

The 5 Star

– XL formula has a quicker drying time, stronger hold and extends the health of the lash, allowing for less frequent fill-ins, and making it the top choice for the most physically active clientele. Both new formulas can be used with the following lashes:single strand eyelash extensions, Y and W lashes, Glitter and Swarovski Crystal Lashes,100% Siberian Mink lashes and all types of flare cluster lashes. All Glad Lash glues are waterproof, medical grade, and carefully tested against the highest quality and safety standards. To Local Lash Techs or salon offering Glad Lash extensions, please visit the GladGirl Artist Directory.

For additional information about Glad Lash or to register for a training course, please call (888) 688-9621. Press samples are available upon request -- limited quantity available.

GladGirl Team

GladGirl Team

Lashing out since 1981, GladGirl brings over 40 years experience to the beauty industry. The Eyelash Extensions Blog is our contribution to the advancement of professional skills and industry standards. Here you will find salon business articles, training resources, beauty tips and general health and wellness articles.

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