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Posted by GladGirl Team on January 27, 2016

Is your beauty routine in a rut? Well, we’ve got some beauty tips from the experts that will help reenergize and maximize your beauty regimen. Let’s start where Glad Lash excels—with your eyes!

Expert Tips for Eyes

It’s time to doll those lashes up with Mascara, which can get messy. Before applying, protect your upper lids from mascara blotches by putting a card (like a business or index card) between your lashes and lids. That way you can sweep up from the roots to the tips of your lashes without worrying about any smudges or messes. If your lashes aren’t yet decked out with Glad Lash extensions, then get the most out of your mascara by applying three coats. Apply your mascara primer, and then a first coat of mascara. After you apply your eye shadow, apply a second coat of mascara…and after you’ve put on your lipstick (experts recommend saving the lips for last) apply your third and final coat of mascara for superior length and volume. Here’s another beauty tip for the eyes. You know on hot summer days how your eye and lip pencils get too soft and are difficult to apply and virtually impossible to sharpen? We’ve got a cool solution: stick them in the fridge for an hour!

Expert Tips for Hair

Are you capitalizing on all the unique hair color trends? We’ve been seeing lots of pinks, blues, teals, purples…even silvery grays! But colored hair and chlorine don’t mix, so if you’re a pool baby, you’ll want to pay close attention to the next tip. Before you go for a swim apply a coat of protective conditioner to your hair. After getting your fill of laps, immediately wash and recondition your hair so that minerals don’t build up. Haunted by all the fallen strands of hair clogging up your shower drain? Hair loss has been scientifically connected to stress. According to hair and scalp specialist David Salinger, stress can cause an increase in neuropeptide substance P (aka SP). When levels of SP increase they cause inflammation in the nerves around your hair follicles and promote hair loss. Eck! You can protect against hair loss from stress by making sure you get enough vitamin D—from the sun, fish, eggs, and liver (yes, liver). And speaking of nutrition, glowing skin and radiant hair depend on a healthy, anti-inflammatory diet. That means do your best to cut back on sugary, starchy foods. Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, high-quality meats like fish, and healthy oils like olive, coconut and avocado oils.

Expert Tips for Nails

There are a few tricks you can try to get the most out of your manicure. Before you paint your nails, rub some olive or avocado oil into your cuticles so you can easily remove any excess polish. To minimize dry time, dunk freshly painted nails in cold water. It really works! To fix any chips, freshen up nails with a topcoat of sparkle. That way you can prolong the manicure without having to start all over!

GladGirl Team

GladGirl Team

Lashing out since 1981, GladGirl brings over 40 years experience to the beauty industry. The Eyelash Extensions Blog is our contribution to the advancement of professional skills and industry standards. Here you will find salon business articles, training resources, beauty tips and general health and wellness articles.

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