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Clear Away the Clutter in Your Makeup Bag

Clear Away the Clutter in Your Makeup Bag

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Posted by GladGirl Team on December 30, 2014

It’s the start of a brand new year and time to clear away the clutter in your makeup bag! Out with the old and in with the new…starting with those eyes.

Toss Old Eye Makeup

Don’t see an expiration date on your eye makeup (or any makeup for that matter)? That’s because there are no FDA regulations for skin care or makeup products! So you need to act as your own product police. The eyes are particularly sensitive to infection, and mascara and liquid eye makeup are breeding grounds for germs, germs, and more germs! Toss mascara after three months…you’ll be able to tell when it’s time because the mascara will start to clump and dry out. Likewise, liquid liners and shadows should be thrown out around the three-month mark. We also recommend using an eyelash shampoo like our Glad Lash Wash and Wink.

Say Goodbye to Stale Color

Lipsticks can last up to a year, but once lipstains grow old, they feather into the fine lines on your lips…making you look almost as old as the stain. No thank you! Toss those stale lip products and treat yourself to the trendiest gloss and mattes. Liquid foundations can also last up to a year, but powder compacts and cheek colors are prone to bacteria buildup. As soon as color starts to fade, the product starts to crack, or color goes on less smooth and more blotchy, it’s time to trash it.

Don’t Get Attached to Your Tools

Sure, makeup sponges can be washed, but after a good month of use, it’s time to toss. Purchase a fresh new bag of makeup squares. Tweezers can be cleaned with our Glad Lash Sterilizer. Same goes for makeup brushes. Brushes weren’t designed to be used for a lifetime. Once the bristles start to shed—or if the brush carries a funky odor—it’s time for a replacement. And take care of your new brush set by disinfecting your brushes with a brush cleaner once a week!

Splurge on the Essentials

Add some New Year’s cheer to your makeup bag by splurging on three essentials. Treat yourself to a multitasking cheek and lip color…maybe in Pantone’s 2015 color of the year marsala (a deep sexy red!). Find your favorite powder that can double as a concealer. And, of course, splurge on an always-handy mascara, or your favorite lash extension strip—easily portable!

GladGirl Team

GladGirl Team

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