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Y Brush and Separator Combo for LashLift - 25 per quantity

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Get the best of both words with GladGirl® Y Brush and Separator Combo for all your LashLift needs. At one end you’ll find a sharp precision pointed angled tip used in the process of lifting your customer's natural lashes onto the silicone curlers for perming. The LashLift Separator is a must have inexpensive and practical tool to speed up those LashLifts. On the other end with a Y Brush is the ideal prep tool for use during the perming process. This brush helps place the lashes onto the perming rod, allowing you to press more lashes onto the curler at once as it covers more surface area.

Streamline your LashLift process and get those clients out the door in record time!

If you offer LashLift services to your clients, you won’t want to miss out on getting your hands on this ultra handy 2 in 1 tool. This pink lash lift brush can be used to both place the lashes on the rod as well as helps ensure the lashes are properly separated for the most beautiful results. 

How To Use: Y Brush 

  1. Start by placing LashLift Adhesive onto the rods, and push the lashes up and into place using the Y Brush end of this tool. 
  2. Before you move onto placing another section of lashes down, flip the tool over and use the pointed end to help further separate the lashes from each other to ensure the end result of your LashLift is breathtakingly beautiful!