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Volume Fan Glue Cup - 50 per quantity

Introducing the Glue Cup to end all Glue Cups- GladGirl® Volume Glue Cup. You’ll want to reach for this lashing tool if you’re making beautiful volume and mega volume fans by hand. This Volume Fan Glue Cup features a unique grooved ridge on the top edge; allowing you to swipe the fans up through the groove, pushing the lash strands together creating a thin and compact base. So give yourself some extra fanning confidence with these Volume Fan Glue Cups!

Say hello to the glue cup of lash dreams - GladGirl® Volume Glue Cup. This tool is unique as it’s an individual cup that does not attach to your finger like our Volume Fan Glue Rings. This gives you the flexibility to have your cup next to your client, rather than right next to their eyes- this is a great option for clients that are extra sensitive. This glue cup is ideal for volume fans, but don’t shy away if volume sets aren’t your thing! This cup is also a great tool for removing extra glue on classic lashes as well. It is also a split cup configuration which can reduce wastage if you need to refresh your glue mid service.


How to Use: Volume Fan Glue Cups

  1. Set our Volume Fan Glue Cup where you’d like it and add one drop of adhesive, like our Mega Pro hold, to either side of the cup.
  2. After dipping your fan in the adhesive, swipe through the grooves to remove extra glue, while pushing the lashes into a thinner, more compact base. 
  3. Once you’ve hit your glue expiration time (around 30 minutes), or if you’re simply wanting a fresh drop, add a new drop to the other side and continue to lash away! So simple, yet so effective.