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Vetus SA Series Tweezers for Volume Lashes

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Vetus tweezers are renowned for their highest quality Swiss engineering and are a long time favorite among eyelash extension artists. The light weight, high precision design allows you to isolate the natural lash, and easily place the lash extension with extreme accuracy every time! Vetus lash tweezers for volume lashes are made from top quality stainless steel featuring an anti-magnetic, anti-acid and non-corrosive design.

This Vetus SA volume tweezer is a 4.50" 45 Degree Tip | 0.97oz configuration.

The stainless steel has a hardness rating of 43HRC, making them ultra strong (stronger than 40HRC) and durable, meaning your tweezers will last longer and allow you to complete more lash sets before needing a replacement. You can expect a long life from these quality tools when cared for properly.

All 7 available options in the Vetus SA series and can be viewed here.

This tweezer is perfectly hand crafted to create beautiful handmade fans in a variety of different ways. This tweezer was created with a larger "sweet spot" meaning you can grab your extensions at virtually any point on the tips and still be able to create a fabulous volume fan. Because of the sweet spot these tweezers are also ideal for picking up pre-made fans with no damage when the correct pressure and angle is applied.


There are a variety of ways to create volume fans. Be sure to try out all the options and pick which one feels right to you. Practice makes perfect!