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Vetus SA Series Tweezers for Isolation

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Vetus SA Series Tweezers for isolation include: 

  • 5.50” Precision - These Vetus tweezers have been carefully crafted to grab onto and carefully hold classic lash extensions as well as isolate the natural lash to prepare for lash placement. These tweezers allow you to pick up thin classic lashes, causing no bends or damage with the fine and precise tip, as well as easily isolate without needing to reposition the tweezers multiple times. These tweezers also have stronger than average tweezer tips, meaning your tips will offer a strong hold for longer, making replacement a thing of the far future. 
  • 4.75” Precision - These tweezers are designed to easily and effectively isolate the natural lash by either allowing the tips to spread apart, leaving one natural lash in between the tips, or by closing off the tweezer and pushing all other natural lashes to the side. The length of these tweezers help you work farther from the eyes if that is your preference. 
  • 4.50” Angular - These tweezers are made specifically for your isolation needs, with minimal effort. These tweezers are perfect for isolating your clients’ natural lashes, as the tips easily separate when pressure is lessened, allowing you to isolate the natural lash with very little extra effort to keep the tweezers separated properly. This allows for less hand and finger fatigue during long lashing days.
  • 4.50” Curved 0.84 oz - This curved tweezer is great for isolation, as the rounded tips help keep a natural wrist position and keep your hands in a comfortable position on the forehead rather than closer to the eyes with less hand and wrist support. These tweezer tips are meant to make direct contact with the eyepad, rather than lay on the eyepad like a precision tweezer would.
  • 4.50 Curved 0.91 oz - These tweezers are designed to help you easily and painlessly remove under eye pads and tape from your clients eyes after their service. These tweezers have rounded tips, meaning they are save to touch the skin while removing the tape and pads, and will not cause any pain or damage like a normal lash extension tweezer would.


Most lash artists find that placing the isolation tweezer in their non-dominant hand while simultaneously placing the volume or classic tweezer in their dominant hand for easy and precise lash placement. There are also two ways to isolate, by either leaving the natural lash inbetween the tweezer tips or by closing the tips and simply pushing the natural lash to the side.