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Velcro Hair Wrap


Keep your clients’ long beautiful locks protected with GladGirl® Velcro Hair Wrap! Simply push your clients hair back, away from their face, and gently place the headband over your client's forehead, pushing it back slightly to ensure all the hairs have been brushed away from your clients eyes.

Perfect for keeping unruly hair and fly-a-ways from your lash glue as well as sticking onto the lash extensions. Start wrapping and get lashing!

Keep your clients hair protected and your work space free of fly-aways with GladGirl® Velcro Hair Wrap. This hair wrap will be your go to if you are a traveling lash or makeup artist as well as an esthetician; as all of these services require your clients hair to be pushed off and away from the face. As always, be sure to ask your client first if they are comfortable with the hair wrap, being careful not to entrap any of the hair in the velcro. Keep your work space hassle free with GladGirl® Velcro Hair Wrap.

Pro Tip: Velcro Hair Wrap

Be sure to keep a few of these headbands with you at all times, as you’ll want to wash them in between clients to keep them sanitized and ready for use! We recommend using the black color for any makeup services to keep the headband from staining.