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Telesight Half Frame Magnifier

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GladGirl® Telesight Half Frame Magnifier is the perfect light-weight magnifying glass choice for any lash artist, esthetician or Cosmetologist. These comfortable one size fits all frames come with flip-up optical quality lenses that have an abrasion-resistance coating to help with any wear or tear the lenses might endure. These glasses are the ideal choice for someone who looks up from their work often, as you can easily flip up the frames, helping ease any dizziness that might happen if trying to look at a distance through the lenses.These glasses come in magnification strengths of 1.75-3X.

Help curb eye strain and lash all day with ease. See below for how to use instructions and more information.

Customers please note! Lenses are not interchangeable. Purchase is for one pair of half-frames with magnification lenses attached.


How to Use: Telesight Half Frame Magnifier

  1. Before lashing, ensure your flip-up lenses are clean by swiping a glass cleaning cloth gently across the lenses.
  2. Place the frames comfortably on your face and flip the lenses down when ready to lash.
  3. Always ensure to properly store your glasses in a safe space to ensure no scratches or damage is caused while not in use.