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Stainless Steel Tweezers for Volume Lashes


Get Lashing with the latest in Volume Lash Tweezer Technology with the GladGirl Doe Foot Cross Hatch Tip and 90 Degree Tip. Designed specifically for the application of volume and mega volume eyelash extensions, these high quality Stainless Steel Tweezers help eliminate finger, wrist and overall hand fatigue that can result from the constant pressure of pinching tweezers closed. Our GladGirl tweezers have precision closure tips for expert pick-up and an effortless process from lash pick up to lash placement. Hand-made and hand-tested to perfection before shipping, each tweezer is optimized to have a “sweet spot” to reduce hand fatigue.

These volume tweezers are anti-magnetic, anti-acid and anti-corrosive and the 2 options available here (sold separately) are recommended for volume and mega volume application. The cross hatch and 90 degree tips are specifically designed for the easy pick up of multiple hairs off the tray making the application of multiple extensions from 2D up to 20D a seamless experience.

Options in our range of Stainless Steel Tweezers for volume and mega volume application include: 

  • 4.33” Doe Foot Cross Hatch - Designed for Volume lashes with an all around sweet spot for the perfect grip. The Cross Hatch tip ensures that you'll be able to create the most beautiful fans every time. 
  • 4.50" Doe Foot 90 Degree - Fan lashes like butter with minimal effort. The thin tip & neck of this tweezer allows for an effortless volume fan using all techniques. The pointy tip allows for precision placement.


There are a variety of ways to create flawless volume fans. Be sure to try out each technique multiple times to see which one may work best for you.