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Stainless Steel German Engineered Tweezers for Volume Lashes


Designed specifically for the application of volume eyelash extensions, these high quality Stainless Steel German Engineered Tweezers help eliminate finger, wrist and overall hand fatigue that can result from the constant pressure of pinching tweezers closed. Our Glad Lash tweezers have precision closure tips for expert pick-up and an effortless process from lash pick up to lash placement. Hand-made and hand-tested to perfection before shipping, each tweezer is optimized to have a “sweet spot” to reduce hand fatigue.

Options in our range of Stainless Steel German Engineered Tweezers for volume and mega volume application include: 

  • 4.25” 45 degree tip - These tweezers are great as they can be used for both isolation and volume lash extensions. Although most artists will choose to use these tweezers for isolation, they can also be used to pinch hand made fans, as the grip is strong and small enough to not get in the way of your fingers creating the fan.
  • 4.30" Doe Foot - This stainless steel german doe foot tweezer, is intended to be used when creating handmade volume fans, or picking up pre-made fans. The strong grip of this tweezer is perfect for picking up fans without ripping the delicate fan apart. The “sweet spot” of this tweezer also allows you to pick up your volume lashes at virtually any point on the tips and still get a great hold and proper fanning of your lash extension fans.
  • 4.50" Doe Foot - Much like our 4.30” Doe Foot tweezer, this tweezer is intended to make classic fan pick up and creation a breeze. Differing from the 4.30” this tweezer is slightly longer, giving you the option to work with your hands positioned farther away from your clients eyes if that is what you prefer.
  • L - 4.50" 45 degree tip - This tweezer allows you to create volume fans in a variety of ways. The unique shape of this L volume tweezer allows you to have ample finger room while creating a pinched volume fan, as well as allows you to lay the tips flat at a 90 degree angle on the lash strip to perfectly pick up your volume lashes to create your flawless fans. 


There are a variety of ways to create flawless volume fans. Be sure to try out each technique multiple times to see which one may work best for you.