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Spikey Eye Lash Map Sticker

GladGirl Spikey Eye Lash Map Stickers help you give your customers that customized lash look in record time. Whether you’re an artist just starting out, or a seasoned professional this wispy spoked map will be your new best friend. Instead of taking the time to map out your set and write down what you did afterwards, ensure each fill is exactly like the last with these maps. Perfect for eyelash extension mapping to quickly and easily place the correct length for your Spikey or “strip lash” style each time, with minimal effort!

This mapping is ideal for those clients who want the strip lash look as well as a wispy and textured look to their lash extension set. These maps fit comfortably on any eye gel patch or tape under the eye and are virtually undetected by your clients.

Find your way to that perfect lash look! GladGirl lash maps are available in a range of styles and length options, view them all here.

GladGirl Spikey Eye Lash Map Stickers are ideal for the traveling lash artist as you can simply throw them in your bag, without having to struggle with bringing pens/markers to use to map out your sets! These stickers are as easy as 1..2...3 as you simply choose your clients desired look and place directly on top of your lash pad and/or tape. These maps are also perfect for those artists just starting out, as it takes the guesswork out of mapping your clients specific unique style.

Does your client want a unique shape or do you need to customize the maps a bit more? No problem, as the matte surface is easy to write on for those unique styles. These lash map stickers also come in a variety of lengths ranging from medium to extra long ensuring you’re covered with any lash request that may be sent your way. Lash away and create the most unique and textured set that’ll leave your clients throwing out those strip lashes and running right into your salon every time!

  • Mixed length sheet includes: 8 pairs Long, 8 pairs XL and 8 pairs XXL

PRO TIP: Spikey or “strip lash” Eye mapping styles are perfect for most eye shapes and specifically great for those clients looking to create a textured and lived in appearance. This style is ideal for a client who has round or almond shaped eyes. This style is fully customizable as the lengths and locations of the spikes can be adjusted based on your client’s wants and needs!

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