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Signature Mink Lashes – Classic - 0.15mm


GladGirl® Signature Mink Lashes Classic 0.15mm will give your clients a highly desirable, glamorous look but with a soft, natural effect. These lashes are intended to be used for classic lash sets, and are perfect for creating cat eyes, doll eyes and everything in between!

Our 0.15mm Signature Mink Lashes are available in either B, C, D, CC, and DD curl in 8mm through 20mm lengths, including mixed length trays. To view all options for this product please click here.

Run, don’t walk, to get your hands on these beautiful mink lashes from GladGirl®.

Please Note: We are updating our packaging and labels may vary, but our fabulous lashes remain the same!

GladGirl® Signature Mink Lashes will help you create the lash set of your clients’ dreams. These 0.15mm lashes come in a variety of lengths ranging from a mixed tray including 7-14mm as well a single lash lengths of 8mm through 20mm. Rest assured that you’ll be able to create just about any look your heart desires, as these lashes also come in different curls including B, C, CC, D and DD. Grab a tray and get to creating beautiful classic sets today! GladGirl Signature Mink Lashes have been recognized by pros and voted "Best Lash Extensions" in the DAYSPA Professionals Choice Awards in both 2019 and again in 2020.


These lashes are intended to be used for classic lash sets. Because of the thickness, we recommend only one lash extension per natural lash to help with both retention and lash health!