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Satin Sleep Mask & Pillowcase Gift Set

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Floral Print

Don't loose sleep looking after your eyelash extensions. Enjoy a peaceful rest and care for your lashes at the same time with the super comfy Morning Glamour Satin Sleep Mask Gift Set!

Morning Glamour satin pillowcases provide a smoother surface for your hair strands (including your eyelashes and extensions) which reduces friction, matting, breakage, tangling, and snagging.

Each set includes one Sleep Mask and one Standard Satin Pillowcase and makes the perfect gift for friends and special clients alike.

Floral Print + Pink Pillowcase
Leopard Print + Ivory Pillowcase
Pink Print + Ivory Pillowcase

A non-friction pillow case is recommended as part of your after care routine. Cotton pillowcases suck moisture from your skin, while satin pillowcases are non-absorbent, helping your skin maintain maximum moisture. They also help prevent wrinkles, allowing you to wake up with smooth, clear skin every morning. The stay-put pocket flap also ensures that these satin pillowcases will stay in place as you rest, ensuring you get the full benefits of sleeping on satin.