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Salon Professional Flat Lashes

The Glad Lash®, Salon Professional Flat Vegan Lashes are designed with a flat-ellipse shape and patented Lash Lock®ing technology to keep the lashes in place longer. The secret to their success is the wide lash base and center groove allowing for a greater surface area to make contact with the natural lash and lock it in place. Along with long lasting staying power, Glad Lash® Flat Lashes create a thicker look with less weight. Lash and lock with the cutting-edge Flat Lashes by Glad Lash®.
Approximately 3000 strands per tray (varies based on size and thickness)

New design with EZ Release Strips and space to write the lash size!

High Gloss

Please note** Only Mixed Length Trays include the following sizes:
  • 7mm 1 row
  • 8mm 1 row
  • 9mm 1 row
  • 10mm 2 row
  • 11mm 2 row
  • 12mm 2 row
  • 13mm 2 row
  • 14mm 1 row
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