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Reusable Lash Wand - 10 Per Quantity

White Lash Pattern
Pink Lash Pattern
Pink Glitter
Diamond Glitter

GladGirl® Reusable Lash Wand is an ultra cute, handy, and versatile tool for eyelash artists and lash lovers alike. The brush can be utilized to straighten, separate and perfect extensions both while lashing by the lash artist, as well as by the client for proper at-home care. These mascara wands can also make a fab aftercare take-home gift or retail item for your customers as these spoolies come in a protective case, so your clients can easily toss them in their bag and go!

Clients can use this brush to keep their lashes looking great and maintain that salon look in between appointments. Love Your Lashes in style! **Please Note the Same color per quantity of 10. Wand and Brush colors may vary. 

Are you looking for simple and cute items to retail to your clientele? Then look no further than these ultra cute and handy reusable spoolies. These spoolies are a great retail item as clients are always misplacing spoolies that don’t have cases as they easily get lost within a bag or car. These spoolies come with a hard sided case, making it perfect for travel or to simply toss in your bag or car. You could also use these as fabulous add-ins to welcome bags for new clients!


A single spoolie should never be used on more than one client. Always be sure to toss after use, or better yet, give to your client at the end of their service to help keep those lashes looking perfect between fills.