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Pure Hydro Gel Eye Patch - 10 Pairs per Quantity

Let your clients drift off into a much needed lash nap, and wake up feeling refreshed, glowing and hydrated with GladGirl® Pure Hydro Gel Eye Patches. These under eye pads are a must have to not only keep the bottom natural lashes safe from adhesive and skin damage but also make a great tool for enhancing your service with that added layer of pampering. Comprised of three layers: polyurethane, cotton mesh and hydrogel, no cutting is needed as they are pre-cut for smaller eyes. The matte top layer helps reduce glare and eye strain, making it easier for you to create that killer lash set.

Each pack of 10 pairs is vacuum sealed. Please refrigerate after opening. See How to Use this product below.

These cooling and hydrating gel pads are comprised of three layers: polyurethane, cotton mesh and hydro gel, leaving your client feeling like they’re just walking out of a day at the spa. These hydrogel pads will also help save you time with no cutting or re-adjusting during the appointment as they’re pre-cut and specifically designed for smaller eyes. Ensure your clients lower lashes and delicate under eyes are safe, protected and nourished with GladGirl® Pure Hydro Gel Eye Patches.


How to Use: Pure Hydro Gel Eye Patch 

  1. Start with cleansed natural lashes.
  2. Remove under eye lash pads from packaging and place on bottom lashes, ensuring to leave space between the pad and waterline to keep from causing eye irritation and pain.
  3. We recommend using lash tape on top of the hydrogel pads to help ensure all those bottom lashes are covered for the duration of the appointment.
  4. When finished, gently remove from bottom lashes and toss in the trash.

Pro Tip: 

Pop these under eye gel pads in the fridge 10 minutes prior to your appointment to give your client a cool and refreshing treatment during their appointment. Up your lash game and keep those lash lovers coming back for more with GladGirl® Pure Hydro Gel Eye Patches.