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Premium Pink Eyelash Extensions Adhesive Air Blower

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Faster adhesive curing can literally be in the palm of your hand. Crafted in a delightful pink, the Glad Lash Pink Premium Air Blower features a full-size bulb. Just a few puffs from the blower not only helps the adhesive dry more quickly, but also clears any fumes from your client’s eye areas. Also, your clients can make use of the lash air blower during application to maximize their comfort. Following the application process, use the blower several times on each eye and of course, always make sure that the glue is completely dry before allowing your clients open their eyes. Complete your process with ease and flare from the palm of your hands with the Glad Lash Pink Premium Air Blower.

  • Size: 6" Long - 2.5" Widest
  • Color: Pink

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