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Precision Pointed Negative Resistance Professional Scissors

If you’re a Brow Artist, you’ll want to get your hands on a pair of GladGirl® Precision Pointed Negative Resistance Scissors. These lightweight scissors trim the finest of eyebrow hairs with no discomfort from pulling or tugging at the hairs from the blades. These scissors can also be used by Barbers and Cosmetologists to trim and shape facial hair. And the best part? The negative resistance forceps make closing the precision pointed scissor easy on the hands, ensuring your hands don’t fatigue by the end of the day.

Create red carpet ready brows with GladGirl® Precision Pointed Negative Resistance Scissors.

Attention Makeup Lovers! These ultra precise Negative Resistance Scissors would be a great tool to have in your beauty kit as well! Grab these scissors to cut down strip lashes for a perfect fit every time. You can also use this tool to cut any lash band that may be uncomfortable for your client's inner or outer eye corner. 


Because of the Stainless Steel nature of these scissors, be sure to sanitize them between uses per your state's board requirements.