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Pre-cut Under Eye Tape - 100 per Quantity

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GladGirl® Pre-cut Under Eye Tape is perfect for use on those clients who may be sensitive to medical tape or eye-patch gels. These ultra thin and lint free tape pieces are easily placed on the lower lashes because of their curved design, helping minimize your need to readjust multiple times during your service as well as maximizing client comfort. This tape is also specifically designed with a smooth backing, eliminating any fibers that may snag on the lash extentions, causing discomfort to your clients with removal. This pre-cut tape also removes easily, without pulling on those delicate under-eyes.

Immerse your clients in the life of comfort and bliss with GladGirl® Pre-cut Under Eye Tape. See below for How to Use info.

Help protect those lower lashes from excess adhesive, for even your most sensitive clients with GladGirl® Pre-cut Under Eye Tape. This tape is free of any harsh chemicals or gels that could cause irritation to clients who may have sensitive skin or eyes. They can be used in conjunction with any of our GladGirl® Tapes to give that extra level of protection for even the smallest of lashes. This pack contains 100 under eye pre cut pieces of tape.


How to Use: Under-Eye Pads

  1. After cleaning and prepping the lashes, peel away the tape from the protective backing.
  2. Ask your client to look straight forward or up towards you and carefully place the under eye tape on the lower lash line, ensuring all lower lashes are covered and protected.
  3. If needed, follow up with any GladGirl® Tape of your choice to further protect the small lashes that may stick out from the pads.
  4. Gently remove after service is complete, ensuing no lashes are stuck to the tape to prevent pulling and tugging. Be sure to toss in the trash when finished. 

Pro Tip: 

Keep a small distance between the lower water line and the under-eye tape to ensure no irritation or pain occurs.