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Nylon Lash Case

Glad Lash® Professional Nylon Lash Case is the traveling Lash or Brow Artist’s holy grail! This lightweight nylon case offers compartments on both sides, helping you store more equipment for when you’re on the go! The top compartment allows you to travel with sanitized and ready to go tools as the protective plastic cover gives you peace of mind knowing your tools are free from any dust or debris. This Nylon Travel Case comes in black and rose gold, meaning you’ll be able to rock this bag no matter your style.

Take the hassle out of traveling with your Lash and Brow essentials once and for all.

Pro Tip

After a long lash or make-up day, be sure to sanitize your case with antibacterial wipes or spray. This also helps get rid of any left over make-up residue that may have transferred into the case throughout the day.

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