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Non Slip Tweezers for Volume Lashes


Glad Lash Non Slip Tweezers for Volume Lashes are designed for the art of volume and mega volume eyelash extension application. The non-slip, black textured coating allows for an easy grip, maximum control and precision and also reduces hand fatigue as the tweezers do not need to be gripped as tightly as standard tweezers.

Options for volume lashing include: 5.00” 45 Degree Tip, 4.50” 45 Degree Tip, 4.25” Doe Foot, 4.30” Doe Foot.

These beautiful, black tweezers are available in 4 different options that are all specifically optimized for volume lashing, and will also look the part in your tool collection. Get serious about your lash application and get a grip with anti-slip tweezers by Glad Lash.

Non Slip Tweezers for Volume Lashes options include:

  • 5.00” 45 Degree Tip - These beautiful textured back 45 degree tips tweezers are ideal for both isolation as well as picking up or creating handmade volume fans. These tweezers are shorter than our 5.00” 45 degree tweezers, meaning if you enjoy working closer to your clients eyes and find that it gives you more stability and precision, these tweezers are for you! 
  • 4.50” 45 Degree Tip - Similar to our 5.00” 45 degree tweezers, these perfectly crafted tweezers will have you creating volume fans in no time. These tweezers are slightly shorter than our 5.00” tweezers, giving you more precision by working closer to the lash line if you prefer this hand placement. 
  • 4.25” Doe Foot - This volume tweezer is intended to make volume fan pick up and creation a breeze. Differing from the 4.30” this tweezer is slightly shorter, giving you the option to work with your hands positioned closer to your clients eyes, giving you more precision and control if that is what you prefer. 
  • 4.30” Doe Foot - Similar to our 4.25” Doe food, this handcrafted volume tweezer is intended to help you create volume fans with ease and comfort. This tweezer can also easily pick up pre-made fans without causing any damage to the delicate lashes.


One way to create volume fans is the pinch technique. To achieve a volume fan this way: 

  1. Remove your intended number of lashes from the lash strip, grabbing directly in the middle of the lashes. 
  2. Next take your thumb and index finger and slightly pinch the lash base together while simultaneously removing a bit of pressure for your tweezers. 
  3. Repeat the process until you are happy with your fan