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Non-Slip Ribbed Tweezers

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Get a grip with GladGirl® Non-Slip Ribbed Tweezers. Designed for beauty professionals, the 5.5” lightweight tweezers are perfect for eyelash extension artists for easy and precise lash extension application.

These black and silver non-slip tweezers are constructed of solid German stainless steel and covered in a high quality non-slip black coating. They are are finished with a ribbed handle to make handling the tweezers easier on your fingers, while the sleek black design gives your salon the edgy look you’ve been craving!

Options available include: 5.50” Curved, 5.50” Precision, 5.50” 45 Degree Tip.

Non-Slip Ribbed Handle Tweezer options include:

  • 5.50” Curved - This 5.50 inch curved ribbed tweezer is ideal for isolation of your clients’ natural lash with a comfortable and neutral wrist placement. The curved tips help keep your hands in a comfortable position on the forehead rather than closer to the eyes with less hand and wrist support with a flat angle. These tweezer tips are meant to make direct contact with the eye pad, rather than lay on the eye pad like a precision tweezer would.
  • 5.50” Precision - These ultra cute black and silver ribbed tweezers are designed to easily and effectively grab classic lashes without causing any damage by applying too much pressure. They are created to make use easier as the ribbed handle keeps your fingers from slipping and fatiguing.
  • 5.50” 45 Degree Tip - These ribbed 45 degree angled black tweezers are great as they can be used for both isolation and classic lash extensions, depending on your preference and what feels most comfortable to you. Although most artists will choose to use these tweezers for classic lash placement, the length and sharp tips allow for easy and hassle isolation as well.


Be sure to always sanitize your tweezers per your state board requirements, after every single client. 


Owning more than one set makes sanitation a breeze if you don't have enough time in between clients to completely sanitize your tweezers. Grab your clean backup set and lash away!