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Non-Slip Pink Glitter Diamond Grip Tweezers

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GladGirl® Non-Slip Pink Diamond Grip Tweezers are designed for the art of classic, hybrid, volume, and mega-volume eyelash extension application. The non-slip, diamond grip coating ensures an easy finger grip, maximum control, and precision and also reduces hand fatigue as the tweezers do not need to be gripped as tightly as standard tweezers.

These beautiful, pink glitter tweezers are available with 5 different tips, ensuring you are bound to find a great fit for your collection. Options include: 5.50” 45 Degree Tip, 4.75 Angular, 5.00” Curved, 4.50 Doe Foot, and 5.50” Precision.

Get a grip on your lash application with GladGirl anti-slip diamond grip tweezers.

Non-Slip Pink Glitter Diamond Grip Tweezers options include:

  • 5.50” 45 Degree Tip - These ultra cute pink 45 degree tip tweezers are ideal for both isolation as well as picking up or creating handmade volume fans. These tweezers are one of our longer 45 degree tip options, and are ideal for those artists that enjoy working farther away from their clients eyes for a better point of view.
  • 4.75 Angular - These beauty queen inspired tweezers are intended for isolation or classic lash placement, These tweezers are created with a precise closure, making classic lash pick up a breeze with no damage to thin / lightweight lash extensions. The easy open and close of these lash tweezers helps reduce hand fatigue when being used as an isolation tool.
  • 5.00” Curved - These curved 5.00” curved tweezers are a great addition to your isolation lash extension collection. The curved tips of these tweezers are longer, allowing you to position your hand farther away from the under eye pad, giving you a better angle to easily isolate any natural lash.
  • 4.50 Doe Foot - This volume tweezer is intended to make volume and mega volume fan pick up and creation a breeze. These tweezers give you the ability to work with your hands positioned closer to your clients eyes, giving you more precision and control if that is what you prefer. 
  • 5.50” Precision - These ultra cute pink tweezers are designed to easily and effectively isolate lashes or grab classic lashes without causing any damage by applying too much pressure. These tweezers are ideal if you like working a bit farther from your clients lashes, allowing you to place your hands on your clients forehead rather than their nose.


Grab two or three sets of your fav tweezers, so you never have to worry if you don't have time to sanitize between clients! Simply begin sanitizing your used tweezers, and grab out a new fresh and clean pair for your next lash bestie!