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Neverland Two Tone Ombre Lash Extensions

The Neverland Two Tone Ombre Silk Lash Extensions by Glad Lash are the ideal choice for creating a heightened yet sophisticated look. Each Neverland tray includes both purple and blue tipped lashes. The blue and purple are the perfect color combo for achieving a super-fun, yet super-chic ombre effect while maintaining a black lash base. The gradual blending of these hues not only makes for a memorable lash moment, but the ombre technique also serves to enhance your applied makeup or create the subtle illusion that you’re wearing makeup. The Neverland Ombre Lashes are certain to make an impression worthy of a daydream.

The bottom 1/3rd base of the lash is black and the top 2/3rd of the lash fade into a deep rich color.

16 Row Mixed Length 10-17mm 2 Colored Trays: Available in both C or D Curl and 07 thickness for Volume Lashes

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