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Mini Handheld Lash Mirror


Show your customers why they picked you to give them the best set of lashes - with the stylish and ever so cute Mini Handheld Lash Mirror. This mini mirror is the traveling artist's dream as it can be easily packed away in your bag if you're a lash artist as well as a makeup artist! This mirror can also be used if you’re in a pinch and don’t have a Lash Extension Mirror, as the small nature of this mirror can help you check those lashes as you're working away!

Don’t forget that you can also retail this mirror so your client too can have the cutest mirror to admire their lashes in. Available in black or pink. Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's lashiest of them all?

PRO TIP: Mini Handheld Lash Mirror

Be sure to always sanitize your mirror between each client to ensure you're going above and beyond to keep your clients safe! Don't have time between clients? Grab a few of these mini mirrors and leave the sanitizing for the end of the day! Win Win!