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Make removing outgrown or wrongly placed lashes a breeze with Glad Lash® Disposable Micro Brush Applicators. These applicators come in a range of sizes from regular, fine and ultra fine; helping ensure that you’re always covered no matter the situation! With a bendable neck and a non-linting tip these applicators can also be used to apply primer or cleansers to the client's natural lashes in preparation for application of eyelash extensions. The micro brush can also be used with adhesive remover to remove unwanted, damaged and old eyelash extensions.

The dainty nature of the micro applicator brush allows you to isolate a specific area without wasting product or getting remover on an unwanted lash. Make life a breeze with Glad Lash® Disposable Micro Applicators.

To aid in application or removal of eyelash extensions, GladGirl offers a selection of disposable micro brush applicators. Our Micro-Brushes have a bendable neck, making product placement on hard to reach lashes hassle free. Typically these tools are used to apply primer or cleansers to the client’s own lashes in preparation for application of eyelash extensions; but these applicators also work wonders with gel or cream adhesive removers. Don’t worry about trying to distinguish the size of each applicator on the fly, as the colors vary, allowing you to quickly and easily choose the applicator you need. 

These applicator containers also come with an easy flip opening at the bottom, allowing you to grab only the perfect amount of micro-brushes, leaving the rest sanitary and untouched. Glad Lash® Disposable Micro Applicators are specifically designed for estheticians and not to be used in the medical industry.


Choosing which Micro-Brush is the right one for you shouldn’t be a stress in your life! We have you covered. 

Ultra Fine Tip (Purple): 

Our Ultra Fine Micro-Brush is designed with a very thin neck and pointed tip. This applicator is perfect for use with adhesive removers if your goal is to only remove specific lashes. This tip allows for extremely precise product placement, allowing you to only place the removers exactly where you want them placed. Never accidentally remove that perfect fan again! 

Fine Tip (Green): 

Our fine tip applicator comes with a fluffier and rounder tip. This Micro-Brush does wonders for removing full lash sets, as well as placing primers on the clients natural lashes, as the tip covers more space and gets the job done in a snap. 

Regular Tip (Blue): 

Our Regular Micro-Brushes should be your go to if you’re placing ourSuperHero Sidekick onto your lash strip or fans to help keep them open and fluffy for longer. With this tip you can cover a good amount of space in a short amount of time, while still being able to fully saturate each and every lash!