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Lash Pro Gel Lint Free Patches - 10 Pairs per Quantity

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With GladGirl® Lash Pro Gel, Lint Free Patches you can keep even the most unruly lower lashes protected. These patches will be your go to if your client prefers under eye pads free of any chemicals, to help keep their delicate under eye area irritation free. Our gel pads are specially designed to allow repositioning during your set, without losing any strength. These compact lint free pads offer you less time spent during your prep, as they are pre-cut and ready for application right out of the pack.

Make sure to offer your clients only the best fit every appointment, with GladGirl® Lash Pro Gel, Lint Free Patches. See How to Use.

Keep those baby lash hairs protected, and your clients engulfed in comfort with these ultra smooth and gentle Lint Free Gel Pads. We recommend using lash tap to help ensure those lashes are properly protected for the entire remainder of your service! 


How to Use: Lash Pro Gel Lint Free Patches

  1. Start with cleansed natural lashes.
  2. Remove under eye lash pads from packaging and place on bottom lashes, ensuring to leave space between the pad and waterline to keep from causing eye irritation and pain.
  3. We recommend using lash tape on top of the lint free gel pads to help ensure all those bottom lashes are covered for the duration of the appointment.
  4. When finished, gently remove from bottom lashes and toss in the trash

Pro Tip: 

Pop these gel pads in the fridge 10 minutes prior to your appointment to give your clients a cool and refreshing spa-like treatment every time!