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Lash Nebulizer

GladGirl® Lash Nebulizer creates beautiful atomized particles of mist, that help quickly and expertly cure all your beautiful lash work. Your clients will enjoy the luxury of a comfortable and soothing mist and appreciate the lower noise than other nano-misters. This is ideal if you are working in a salon with other lash artists and clients around. This one-touch lash mister is easy to hold due to its compact size and will cure lashes to perfection to increase lash retention.

The eyelash mister is also a great tool to use if your client is prone to watery eyes after your set is complete, as the mist helps trap and whisk away any adhesive fumes that may be lingering in the air. Always ensure to hold the nebulizer at the proper distance to reduce the risk of shock curing (aka blooming) , which can occur if the lash is coated with too much mist after a set.

Keep your clients comfortable and relaxed with GladGirl® Lash Nebulizer. See below for more how to use information.

*Important Note: This Nebulizer is not intended for medical use.

Limited Warranty: If for any reason your Nebulizer stops working 30 days from the date of delivery we will replace it. This limited warranty does not cover rechargeable battery, or any problem that is caused by abuse, misuse, or an act of God, including the use of tap water or any other water other than the recommended distilled water used in this device.

Key Features:

  • *Important Note: This Nebulizer is not intended for medical use.
  • Mesh Atomizer.
  • One Touch.
  • Long Service Life.
  • Dual power options: USB cable or 2 AA batteries (A/C power adapter and batteries not included).
  • Remove the batteries when operating the device with the USB adapter.

How to use: Lash Nebulizer

  1. Always ensure that you have a fully charged battery at the beginning of each day by either USB Charging your mister or using 2 AA batteries.
  2. Fill the water tank with distilled water only, to avoid mineral build up and damage.
  3. Always remove the batteries when operating the device with the USB adapter.
  4. When in use, keep approximately 6-12 inches from your clients lashes to avoid over saturation and mist for 2-4 seconds total.
  5. When finished, dry water tank completely and store in a cool dry place.